What is the Finishr?



The Finishr is a community focused run collab that is all inclusive to absolutely everyone: run, walk or shmoon or trot.

Based in Victoria’s Surf Coast we take full advantage of our breathtaking views & terrain with weekly Finishr Sunday sessions.

The Finishr is not your average run meet though. No Sir.
We’re quite the morbid mindset crew in the fact that we prefer hills, sand, stairs & tempo efforts.
And the fact that no one really know what the Finishr is until you get there is our wicked charm.

The Finishr is always a challenge. However, don’t be fooled as this crew promises to be the perfect session for anyone at any abilities & no one will get left behind.

We’ll meet, we’ll take on the Finishr challenge, we’ll vibe off each other, we’ll connect, we’ll dip the trotters in the surf & we’ll grab a drip together at the local.
Apart from that, theres no expectations.
Theres no costs.
Theres no sprooking.
Theres really no worries.

We’ve collab’ed with our local legends to partner with the Finisihr such as The HIIT Project, No Excuses Bootcamp, EHPT, F45 Geelong, Little Bantam Health & Fitness just to name a few.

So, you might feel like you know more about the Finishr.. or maybe you’re even more confused than before.

Either way, are you in?

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